Applications made for British Nationality and Indefinite Leave to Remain should be accompanied with evidence of Life in the UK knowledge. Most common way is to take Life in the UK test. We are a bunch of people who has taken the test like everybody else, in fact some of us taken the test in November 2005, just after the test was first introduced. While preparing for the test and after successfully passing it, we have noticed the lack of material that is available to prepare for the test. Apart from the original book, there was very limited information. Unlike now, internet searching the term "Life in the UK Test" returned almost no relevant pages. With all these in mind, we have decided to put together a website. First we have taken permission to publish the official test material. At the time it was quite important as the book itself was not easily found. All relevant chapters of the book scanned and ocr'd. The real challenge was to prepare practice tests so the people can test themselves. They had to be similar to the ones in the test but not the same. Going through questions each one of us asked in the real test and applying the same questioning logic to the whole study material, we have managed to produce our own question bank. Since our initial efforts, so much has changed with regards to both the test and the requirements. When we first started it was all about 'British Nationality'. It is then extended to applicants applying for 'Indefinite Leave to Remain'. There is a now new Edition of the official book and 2 more chapters are also added making the total number of chapters 5. As we are all busy with our own day-to-day lives, we are unable to provide direct support to our users. There are number of forums available to discuss immigration issues and the test itself. We can still provide technical support via e-mail: siteadmin@lifeintheuk.org www.LifeInTheUk.Org Team