Life in the UK Test

Free practice questions and study materials for the Life in the UK test; based on book 'Life in the United Kingdom – A Guide for New Residents'.

Applications made for British Nationality and Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR – settlement) should be accompanied with the evidence of knowledge of language and life in the UK (KoLL) unless exempt. Applicants will be required to: pass the Life in the UK test; and to have a speaking and listening qualification in English at B1 CEFR or higher, or its equivalent (for applications made on or after 28 October 2013) Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information, mistakes can occur and therefore no guarantees are given. In the event of any issues, please let us know and we will act accordingly. Having problems? Please contact us. Get it on Google Play

Practice tests

You will have 24 random questions from our 350+ question database and you will be given 45 minutes to complete the test. Questions are not from the real test but they are close enough to test yourself.

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Study materials

Study materials are based on third edition (2013) of the official book 'Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents’ and reproduced with the permission of Office of Public Sector Information.

Chapter 1 : The values and principles of the UK
Chapter 2 : What is the UK
Chapter 3 : A long and illustrious history
Chapter 4 : A modern, thriving story
Chapter 5 : The UK government, the law and your role

UK Visas and Immigration

Guidance: Form UKM: guidance 01/12/2020
Guidance to register as a British citizen if you were born before 1983 to a British mother.
Guidance: Suitability: section 5 additional grounds for cancellation of entry clearance (immigration staff guidance) 01/12/2020
Guidance to address cancelling leave in line with Section 5 of Part 9 of the Immigration Rules.
Detailed guide: Apply for a Service providers from Switzerland visa 01/12/2020
Guidance for those working for a company based in Switzerland and your employer needs you to work on a pre-existing contract in the UK.
Detailed guide: Living in the UK: applying from overseas 01/12/2020
Guidance for applicants outside the UK. It explains the steps to applying for and being granted a visa to live in the UK.
Guidance: Suitability: purpose not covered by the Immigration Rules (immigration staff guidance) 01/12/2020
Guidance on applications for a purpose not covered by the Immigration Rules.
Guidance: Suitability: non-conducive grounds for refusal or cancellation of entry clearance or permission 01/12/2020
Staff guidance on dealing with applications non-conducive to the public good.
Guidance: Windrush scheme casework guidance 01/12/2020
Guidance for decision makers considering cases under the Windrush scheme.
Guidance: Suitability: admissibility to the Common Travel Area or other countries (immigration staff guidance) 01/12/2020
Guidance on assessing admissibility to the Common Travel Area or other countries.
Guidance: Student sponsor guidance 01/12/2020
How to apply for a Student sponsor licence and how to sponsor a student.
Guidance: T5 (Creative or Sporting Worker) certificate of sponsorship: SMS guide 11 01/12/2020
Use this step-by-step guide if you are a T5 (Creative or Sporting Worker) sponsor managing groups of certificate of sponsorship (CoS).
Guidance: Grounds for refusal: criminality 01/12/2020
Guidance on criminal history for entry clearance applications in the UK.
Guidance: Suitability: exclusion from protection grounds (immigration staff guidance) 01/12/2020
Guidance on assessing whether someone is excluded from Asylum or Humanitarian Protection.
Guidance: Dependent family members in work routes (immigration staff guidance) 01/12/2020
Guidance on considering applications from people who wish to enter or remain in the UK as the dependent family member.
Guidance: Suitability: debt to the NHS caseworker guidance 01/12/2020
This guidance tells caseworkers when an application for entry clearance, permission to enter or permission to stay may be refused where an applicant has failed to pay charges under relevant NHS regulations.
Guidance: Suitability: failure to provide required information, attend interview caseworker guidance 01/12/2020
This guidance is for whether to refuse an application where a person fails without reasonable excuse to comply with a requirement to provide information
Guidance: Suitability: false representations (immigration staff guidance) 01/12/2020
Guidance on grounds of false representations, false documents, false information or failure to disclose a relevant fact where refusal is discretionary.
Guidance: Register of licensed sponsors: students 01/12/2020
List of institutions licensed to sponsor migrant students under the Student and Child Student routes.
Guidance: Register of licensed sponsors: workers 01/12/2020
List of organisations licensed to sponsor workers under T2 and T5.
Guidance: Grounds for refusal: customs breaches (immigration staff guidance) 01/12/2020
Guidance on refusing or cancelling entry clearance or permission to enter when a person has breached customs regulations.
Guidance: Miscellaneous CAS functions: SMS guide 6 01/12/2020
A step-by-step guide to using miscellaneous confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) functions.